What are we?
A strictly non-competitve running club who meet at a different pub each week to take part in a hash. Afterwards we might consume one or two glasses of lemonade(?) whilst we recover. Ages range from 7 to 70 and some of us even have four legs

RUNS: Summer: Monday 19.00 hrs
Winter: Sunday 11.00 hrs Venues are announced in the Receding Hareline and runs normally last between 1 and 1½ hours Run area: 20 mile radius of Bicester - see map.

COST: £2.00 per run.First 2 runs are free, then you start paying. Visitors: FREE!

Members are awarded a club sweatshirt after 100 runs and a pewter tankard after 250. Track suit badges are also awarded for every 50 runs and of course our Hash Habberdash produces an endless supply of T-shirts for the special occasions dreamt up by our Mismanagement.



Bicester's a Newt